To Everywhere in Japan ~立山 / 東尋坊

Rookiez is punk'd - Complication

立山 Mount Tate / Tateyama

Mount Tate is located along the Alpen route, in the southeastern part of Toyama Prefecture. The highest peak goes up to 9,892 ft. It is regarded as one of the 'Three Holy Mountains' in Japan. The transportation can only take us up to 8000 ft and then if we wanted to go to the peak we would have to hike, but unfortunately we don't have time for that. 

Blending in with the elementary students

I'm such a kid

Mikuri Pond

Could not resist but to ask for a picture with these brothers. The elder brother is so loving towards the younger, he would keep asking if he was feeling okay. And the younger brother is just adorable! The man standing behind us is the Oji-chan, he's watching me closely in case I try to kidnap them.

Why do you hate me...... Okay bye..

A picture of me and a friend I met on the trip

Apple and vanilla ice cream

黒部湖 Kurobe Dam

And finally we arrived at the Kurobe Dam. It is the tallest dam in Japan with height over 600 ft. The dam was built post World War II and the construction was not easy. The project costs Kansai Electric Power Company 1.3 billion, 7 years and the lives of over 100 people.

 Double rainbow

Another day begins as we head out to 東尋坊 Tojinbo. Apparently we stayed at a hotel sponsored by Sanrio, and there are Hello Kitty themed rooms provided. I wonder what a Hello Kitty themed hotel room would be like, but I am quite satisfied with just taking a picture with the human size Hello Kitty.

東尋坊 Tojinbo

Here we are in Tojinbo! Tojinbo is obviously famous for its unique cliff rocks formed by strong waves and erosion, but there is also another reason for its popularity. The place is believed to be cursed and haunted by spirits of dead people. A legend has it that a Buddhist priest whom was corrupted in mind was dragged and thrown down the cliffs, and people believe that his ghost still wanders around at the same area and curse the cliffs with wind and waves. Despite the legend, the tremendous amount of suicides in Tojinbo is actually the true reason why the cliffs has such a horrifying reputation. Tojinbo is one of the most popular sites for suicides in Japan with as many as 25 suicides annually.

 I still cannot believe such a beautiful place would be famous for suicides. Well, I am nobody to judge other's decision. The ones who are dead would not come back to life, but I hope the ones who are still living could understand the beauty of life. It is only when we are living that we get to feel all kinds of emotions, even sadness and despair. It would get better and we have got to believe that. I know I'm an optimist and that is the person I chose to be, because I refuse to waste time in despair when there is only so little of time left to feel happy. 


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