To Everywhere in Japan ~Part 1

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Since I have been travelling these years, I decided to dig out all my travel pictures and share on this blog!
These pictures are from last summer when I went to Japan with my mom. 
Please, a round of applause for my mom before we start. My mom is a true traveler and I am merely a passionate follower of her footsteps. So thanks mom for taking me to these beautiful places. (Please keep feeding me; In a few years, it would be my turn to take you to places.)

We landed in Nagoya and left in Osaka. Our first stop was Hida 飛驒市 in Gifu, which is known for its production of sake.

飛驒古川 Furukawa Village in Hida

The village is listed as one of the World Heritage sites. It is an extremely quiet and peaceful place with a population of only around 1,600. 

One of the benefits of living in a small town is having nice neighbors who willingly fix your roof when its broken.

The village is full of creative handcrafts and artworks including this metal piece. 

And of course I would not miss a chance of getting ice cream.  

白川鄉合掌村 Shirakawa Village 

Shirakawa village was created 300 years ago when the villagers escaped deep into the mountains from war.  The village got its name from the shape of the roofs which is said to look like palms held together. But there is also another meaning to the name. Winters are brutal in Shirakawa so the villagers built the roofs this way to avoid the snow from piling up. It could take up to 200 people to renew the straws of a roof. So when one family needs to repair their roof, all the other villagers come to help. There is a unique bonding in the community and that is why the name also indicates unity. 

金澤市 Kanazawa City of Ishikawa

We went north and passed by Kanazawa, the capital city of Ishikawa, before getting to Mount Tate. Kanazawa has one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan - 兼六園 Kenroku-en. 

柿木畠商店街 Kakinokibatake Shopping District



  1. いい曲!You picked the perfect background song. One of my favorite japanese songs. This was awesomeee now I can add these places to where I wanna go in the future

    1. thanks Mary! haha I'm surprised someone knows this one too! I love it!
      yea you should definitely visit these places when you go to japan, I'll post more later! :)