In for Ombre!

I have been thinking about getting ombre hair for a long time, yet I kept doubting if it would look good on me. Bleaching your hair is a big decision, because it is gonna damage your hair severely. Your hair will feel like grass and bundle up in a mess when you wash it. I wasn't sure if I had the patience to deal with damaged hair, plus getting ombre in salons is really expensive. But you know what, I will be going into the "real world" soon, and I won't have any more chances to kill my hair, so why not now? 
Soooo, I finally did it!

I initially asked for a grey ombre, but it turns out to be a bit green in the middle and blue at the bottom, which is also fine with me. 
To achieve this color, my hair was bleached two times and then colored. The color I requested was much lighter than this, but it would take three bleaching and I just don't have the money and time for that. If you do it at the salon, it would normally be around $100- $150 for one treatment. So I would say I wish I knew how to do this on my own! Haha My stylist at Maya did a fine job though, so I am not complaining.

With the expectation of getting grassy hair, I have already prepared myself with oil treatment products. Hopefully, they will reincarnate my hair. 

Stay tuned! Chao!

Hedley - Heaven In Our Headlights


Kiko Mizuhara for SLY AW14 "New Oldies"

"New Oldies"

In love with Kiko and this fall collection of SLY

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from SLY's "New Oldies" catalogue:


Nature of Nepal

Something I need - OneRepublic


-Chitwan means the Heart of the Jungle

Sunrise at Nagarkot

Sunset at Chitwan


-the most populated and the richest city in Nepal



Experiencing Nepal :Durbar Squares

James Blunt - Bonfire Hearts


Taking a tour into the cities of Kathmandu and Patan, to discover the three famous Durbar Squares and the Monkey Temple of Nepal. It was not surprising to learn that they have all been listed as World Heritage Sites, given that they are almost a thousand years old and still looking magnificent. 

Patan Durbar Square

Legend says that the golden bird above the statue's head is the symbol of the King. The locals believe that as long as the bird is still there, the King still lives in the palace.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Swayambhu aka the Monkey Temple

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Nepal is a poor country where their national income heavily rely on tourism. Streets are often overwhelmed with tourists, children begging for money and natives selling carry-on goods. But even if they don't have much, they still look happier than most of us who live comfortably in the city.
We criticize China for manufacturing cheap, fake electronics, while Nepalis admire the Chinese for providing 1kg of iphones for just 10USD. Fake or not, it is communication, and it is all we need.

"You can never get enough of what you don't need, because what you don't need won't satisfy you."
- Dallin H. Oaks


Ville de Québec & Ottawa

James Blunt - Postcards

Ville de Québec

Québec City, the capital of Québec province, is located on the North shore where St. Lawrence river meets the Riviere Saint-Charles. The city's name derived from the Algonquian word meaning 'narrowing of the river'. Québec City is one of the oldest cities in North America with lots of places being World Heritage Sites including the 'Historic District of Old Québec', and the Plains of Abraham.

 Parliament Building of Québec City 

The city's view from the top of the Plains of Abraham

 Old Québec

Breton Crepes! The most amazing crepes in Old Québec

It's lunch time at Restaurant 1640 nomnom
Here I got the classic lasagna and cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

  1. Château Frontenac

  2. A side view of the famous hotel Château Frontenac, which has been listed as National Historic Site of Canada since 1980. The hotel is famous for its beauty of portraying the skyline of the city and earned its reputation as one of the most photographed hotels in the world.

The full view of Château Frontenac taken in the morning

The Ramparts of Québec City

Built in 1759 by the English, the Ramparts of Québec City is one of the few remaining fortified city walls in Northern America. 

Porte St. Louis, one of the four surviving gates

Goodbye Québec City!


Parliament of Canada

The Parliament of Canada was originally a military base in the 18/19 century and it became under governmental use after Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as Canada's capital city. As beautiful as it seems to be, most parts of the Central building were actually burned down in 1916, the only remaining original piece is the library. The library is glamorous but unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the building, so you would have to see it for yourself!

"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience."
- Francis Bacon