On A Commercial Holiday

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American Authors - Best Day Of My Life (Just A Gent Remix)

Nadège Patisserie
After all this time hearing about the fantasy of macarons, I have decided to give it a try on this commercial holiday. Nadège Patisserie is a small bakery shop on Yonge Street, reachable within a 2 minutes walk from Summerhill station. Although it might not have the most extravagant outlook, it is rumored to have the best macarons in Toronto.  

One of each flavor

I actually already finished more than half of it by now, and they all taste amazing. Especially CHOCOLATE and MATCHA!

Discovered this awesome Japanese restaurant close by! Other than the tiny 'Asahi' on the Japanese flag sign on the back door, there are no other signs of a name anywhere.

I have really developed a liking for Japanese hot sake. Yes, drinking in broad daylight.
The feeling of the warm liquid burning down your throat and reaching your stomach......素晴らしい!

Unagi Don with miso soup and salad



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