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I have to say that arriving at Grand Canyon is the happiest thing that happened to us in a while. 
Our first flight  to Denver got cancelled due to weather condition, then when we finally managed to get on a plane two days later, it got delayed and caused us to miss our transfer flight to Las Vegas. 
We were originally gonna miss the bus to Grand Canyon, but with some luck and some help we were able to arrive on time. It has been an emotional roller coaster but it also made us extra grateful to be here.

Grand Canyon West Rim

It takes around 2.5 hours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim. It would take more than 5 hours to go to North Rim which would be 10 hours to and back. Although North Rim looks amazing, we chose to spent more time on the mountains than on the road.

Hulapai Ranch

Hualpai Ranch is the first stop of the tour. 
It reminds me of the Wild West that I see in movies, with cowboys and vintage American hostels.

Eagle Point

The second stop is the Eagle Point. It got the name from the shape of middle point of two canyon walls which looks like an eagle spreading its wings. This is also the stop for skywalk, but since we weren't allowed to take pictures on the skywalk, we decided to just explore the place on our own.

This place is absolutely beautiful.

The skywalk on the left.

Guano Point

The third and last stop is Guano Point. It is the place where you can get a 360 view of the Grand Canyon. The hike takes only 20 minutes and the view up there is magnificent. We grabbed our food and went on climbing until we reached the highest rock. 

See you Grand Canyon.


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