In for Ombre!

I have been thinking about getting ombre hair for a long time, yet I kept doubting if it would look good on me. Bleaching your hair is a big decision, because it is gonna damage your hair severely. Your hair will feel like grass and bundle up in a mess when you wash it. I wasn't sure if I had the patience to deal with damaged hair, plus getting ombre in salons is really expensive. But you know what, I will be going into the "real world" soon, and I won't have any more chances to kill my hair, so why not now? 
Soooo, I finally did it!

I initially asked for a grey ombre, but it turns out to be a bit green in the middle and blue at the bottom, which is also fine with me. 
To achieve this color, my hair was bleached two times and then colored. The color I requested was much lighter than this, but it would take three bleaching and I just don't have the money and time for that. If you do it at the salon, it would normally be around $100- $150 for one treatment. So I would say I wish I knew how to do this on my own! Haha My stylist at Maya did a fine job though, so I am not complaining.

With the expectation of getting grassy hair, I have already prepared myself with oil treatment products. Hopefully, they will reincarnate my hair. 

Stay tuned! Chao!

Hedley - Heaven In Our Headlights

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