It's getting warmer

It's finally getting warmer here in Toronto. This week we went out without our thick jackets and still manage to survive. Although it's still freezing cold in the evening, it is now much better with the sun. I hope we can have a couple more days with positive degrees in Celsius before the floor turns all white again. 

Here to show off yet another one of my Mom's knitted turtle neck piece and my newly dyed red hair.
Yes, red again. 

-Old Navy black jacket
-Bluenotes army print jeans
-Bershka black ankle boots



  1. I LOVE your red hair, it is such a stunning colour!! Your turtle neck is amazing too, did your mum knit it?! If so, what a talented mama you have!! Enjoy the snow Scotland never got this winter! :(

    Emma x

    1. Thanks! :) Yes my mum knitted it haha thanks for your kind words. Enjoy the weather in Scotland! Snow is only good to look at but not to live with! haha